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I work mostly with acrylic paints, with the occasional oil painting mixed in. I use a technique that is somewhat between a mix of watercolor and traditional oil painting techniques. For many of my acrylic paintings, I use thin glazes of acrylic paint on a heavy (300 pound) acid-free un-primed cotton vellum; this allows me to paint quickly, with minimum visual interference from the substrate - yet still lets the tooth of the paper create interesting textures. For my oil paintings, I follow a more traditional fat-over-lean application of paint on primed cotton or linen canvas.



Acrylic on Vellum

Sometimes, you start out with one idea for a painting and wind up with something completely different.  This bluejay dropped by as I was attempting to photograph wild turkeys for another painting.   As it turned out, the jay's attitude and fantastic colors stole the show. 



Redhead Ducks
Acrylic on Vellum

I've always found redhead ducks to be among the most beautiful waterfowl I've ever seen.  The color contrast between the blue bill and red head on the male is striking.  



Canada Geese
Acrylic on Illustration Board

Canada geese are among my favorite birds.  They look regal as they stand at alert, guarding their nesting site.

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