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How to tie the Pink Squirrel fly pattern

The pink squirrel is a highly effective searching pattern for spring creek trout. It’s well-known within the upper Midwest’s driftless region, where it originated, but its productivity isn’t confined just to the region. I’ve also found success using it for Great Lakes trout and salmon, and for wild New Zealand rainbow trout.

Pink squirrel fly

The pink squirrel doesn’t resemble any particular food source, but rather loosely mimics several food sources from caddis larva to scuds.

Actually, I’m certain that many of the strikes induced by the pink squirrel are the result of curiosity.

One of my favorite aspects of this fly is how easy it is to tie. It requires just a few commonly-found materials, and few special steps to complete.

The variation shown in the video below uses a split thread dubbed collar in lieu of the original pattern’s coral pink chenille. I believe this makes the fly easier to tie, more durable, and gives the fly a more impressionistic appearance.

Here's how you tie it:

Give it a try and leave a comment if you like it.

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